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6S management knowledge


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6S is finishing (SEIRI), rectify (SEITON), cleaning (SEISO), cleaning (SEIKETSU), literacy (SHITSUKE), security (SECURITY) six projects, due to the beginning of S, referred to as 6S.
Chinese enterprises on the basis of 5S site management, combined with national production safety activities in full swing, on the basis of the original 5S increased security (safety) elements, the formation of "6S".
6 S: Sales, saving, safety, standardization, satisfaction, self-advancement
Its role is: improve efficiency, ensure quality, so that work environment clean and orderly, prevention oriented, to ensure safety.
1 (SEIRI) - any items in the workplace are divided into necessary and unnecessary, in addition to the necessary to stay, others are eliminated.
Objective: to make room, space use, to prevent misuse, shaping fresh workplace.
2 rectify (SEITON) - leave the necessary items in place according to the specified position, and placed neatly marked.
Objective: the workplace clear, eliminate the time to find items, a neat working environment, eliminate excessive backlog of goods.
3 cleaning (SEISO) - the workplace visible and invisible places clean, keep the workplace clean, beautiful environment.
Objective: to stabilize quality and reduce industrial injury.
4 cleaning (SEIKETSU) - maintain above 3S results.
5 literacy (SHITSUKE) - each member to develop good habits, and abide by the rules, and cultivate a positive spirit (also known as habitual inertia).
Objective: to cultivate good habits, abide by the rules of staff, to create a team spirit.
6 safety (SECURITY) - full attention to safety education, there are always safety first concept, preventive measures.
Objective: to establish a safe production environment, all work should be built on the premise of safety.
Lean management; precision management; lean management system is the cornerstone of creating excellent employees
The standard is to create great enterprises is to implement the system of standard brick 6S tools
6S is the best salesman (Sales)
* praised by customers as clean and tidy businesses, confident in such businesses, willing to shop and word-of-mouth
* to enhance the number of visitors
6S is a savings house (Saving)
* reduce a lot of unnecessary space occupation, reduce customer "looking for" waste, favor customer price ascension
* improve commodity efficiency and efficiency
6S security protection (Safety)
* bright and spacious, vision of the workplace, at a glance
* comply with display restrictions, unsafe place at a glance
* channel clear, will not cause messy situation and affect customer shopping smoothly
6S is a standardized facilitator (Standardization)
* 3 set, 3 elements principle regulate field operations
* everyone performs the task correctly.
* stable procedures, bring quality stability, cost stability
6S form a satisfactory workplace (Satisfaction)
* bright, clean workplace
* employees do improvement and sense of accomplishment
* to create an atmosphere of improvement for all personnel on site
6S is the self development of employees (self-advancement)
* we all form good habits
* continuous self review to promote the continuous improvement of personal qualities
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